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Darcy Aspinall

" My love of performing came at a young age and at 12 I began full time performing arts school. Since then I have continued to study the arts, completing my training with a Degree in Musical Theatre. I began a Professional Radio course in September... and now I am a podcaster..."

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Harry Tweedy

" Born and raised in Essex, golf was always a priority of mine. After attending The Lee Westwood Golf School I went onto get a degree at Bournemouth University. In 2020 I decided to pursue my golf dream and turned professional which for the time being has been put on hold ... and now I am a podcaster..." 

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A Picture of 5 Years Time hosts Darcy Aspinall and Harry Tweedy

Our Journey

We met in November 2017 and as cheesy as it sounds have been inseparable ever since. At the time Darcy was in her third year of a musical theatre degree and Harry was doing his placement year at The Grove Golf club. We decided to go travelling to Asia that summer and have travelled to many amazing countries since then. 


We both completed our degrees in July 2019 and decided to go on another big adventure and live in Barcelona for two months learning Espanol (no, we are not even close to fluent!)


In the first few months of 2020, Darcy had some performing arts internships at talent agencies and Harry decided to turn professional in golf. However, as we all know 2020 didn’t turn out how any of us planned it! Darcy being a natural worrier took the meaning to a whole new level as we both started to feel increasingly panicked about starting careers, making money and setting goals in such a bleak time. 


In saying that, we are both extremely motivated people so we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and realised how lucky we were. In the months that followed, Darcy began a professional radio course and learnt the skills to create and produce a podcast. We already had the idea for 5 Years Time which we felt very passionate about as we knew there must be so many young people in similar situations to us. 


And here we are a few months later with our very own podcast. The most amazing thing about it, is the unbelievable people we are interviewing. These inspirational and successful humans are willing to give us their time, share their journeys and try and help as many people as possible with their generous advice. 


We already feel like we are learning and being reassured through these wonderful chats and if they do the same for some of you we will be happy!

Darcy & Harry