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"She spoke out on 5 Years Times The Podcast by Darcy and Harry for the first time: "It's been really tough for us because Derek got really sick in the beginning of March."

"Opening up on the 5 Years Time podcast, Kate said: “I’ve never had my name above the billboard on breakfast television, there have always been other presenters who are bigger than me."

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"Opening up on the 5 Years Time Podcast this week, Kate (...) further opened up about the tough year that everyone has had, insisting "everyone is hoping 2021 will bring just a bit of hope and relief"."
"Speak on The 5 Years Time Podcast by Darcy & Harry, Kate 
said "I think its been a really tough year for everyone, hasn't it" (...) "The vaccine is here now so everyone is hoping that it will help covid and everyone regain some normality"."
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"Speaking on 5 Years Time Podcast, Kate confessed after months of uncertainty, she is still unaware if Derek will recover, but is continuing to hold out hope."

"Speaking on 5 Years Time The Podcast this week, Good Morning host, 53, admitted that she is unsure whether her spouse will recover."